The Playfulness Project

Living All In List

Yup we did it! I know like me, you have a zest and spirit for Living All In! So, how fun will this be…


We all know the concept of “my bucket list”.  We talk about experiences that touch our hearts and declare how we must accomplish these before we pass…so we put them on the old bucket list, possibly to never accomplish them or even remember them due to waiting for that “someday” to arrive.


Well, I say HECK NO!!  Do not banish your ideas and dreams to some far off notion of a date & time…do not wait!  Someday never comes….do your living now!  Yes, right now…this day, week, month, season, year.  And why not have fun along the way. 


How about thinking of this list as your “Living All In” list instead? How about approaching your list with a feeling of playfulness?  How about creating this list for yourself, with your kids, co-works or teams you lead? How about having fun and playfulness in each day?


So, to support you, we have created the “Living All In” Playfulness Project List Poster.  You decide what the timeframe will be (is this your summer 2017 Living All In Playfulness Project?). Use this poster to inspire new experiences and discoveries pulling you right out of your comfort zone and into Living and Leading with PASSION and PURPOSE.


And as you are living your list, share it with us using the HASHTAG #livingallin so we can cheer you on!


CREATEspace: There are 2 blank spaces at the bottom of the template for your own Living All In items!! 


Now…hang this poster in a prominent place for all to see and chat about and for sure…Go play & have fun my friends!

© 2017 by YourPurposeWorks

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